Our Services Netiket

Soft skills training – we work with businesses and educational institutions to build soft skills in your staff, business and future leaders.


Payrolls, recruitment and management consulting is our core business. We help our clients’ focus on their core business and leave the HR aspect up to the professionals. NETIKET are equipped to handle the entire HR process. The company will work with customers to develop strategy and strengthen areas where there are weaknesses. Appraising the job performance of employees at all hierarchical levels in an organisation. Performance evaluations allow the organisation to gain a firmer control. Outsourcing performance management lets the HR department of a company focus on its core competency areas in human resource management.


A job profile is an outline, a high-level overview of a position. In contrast, a job description is a written statement which includes the working conditions, scope, purpose, duties and responsibilities of a job along with the title of the individual to whom the position reports. How do we help with this? We offer job matching, job profiling, leadership development and competency analysis for both individual and group effectiveness.


The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and the Annual Training Report (ATR) are central to the establishment of a demand-led skills development system, which is responsive to the economic and social needs of South Africa. Our services as skills development facilitators is to assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which helps with the requirements of Seta. We will also serve as a resource with regards to all aspects of Skills Development.


We work closely with our clients to either adapt their existing training material or to develop a training course from scratch. Netiket will select an appropriate Learning methodology based on the requirement. The development of learning content can be complex and time consuming. Our design team will ensure that your developed content addresses the requirements of the various elements of your Project Team. As with any project, experience is invaluable. Our Development Teams have extensive hands-on experience of scoping, planning and delivering content development projects to specific objectives and budgets. Our project teams are seasoned at developing impact workshops and take pride in developing creative yet powerful content.


Our Project Management involves the use of people, processes and methodologies to plan, initiate, execute, monitor and close activities. It is designed to meet an organization's project goals, and hopefully overall strategic objectives. Our Change Management, is similar to project management, involves people, processes, and tools to effectively help organisations manage all the changes that occur, whether as a result of project initiatives, or other factors that might impact the business. Our teams are passionate about driving change Dynamic and Efficient Project Management Solutions for your organisation Assisting to make organisational changes measurable, productive and effective.