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About Netiket

Netiket Training
and Development.

We are professional individuals and as a training and development company and HR Solutions provider, we are responsible for helping our clients to invest in their biggest asset, HUMAN CAPITAL to achieve the results that take both the organisation and the people to their greatest potential. We are committed to preparing learners to succeed in the workplace and more importantly at LIFE. We also work closely with organisations guiding them in the business processes and allow them to focus on their core business.

Our Executive Team

Debbie Oliver - Netiket
Debbie Oliver

Debbie is a seasoned soft skills trainer, skills development facilitator and a solid instructional designer. Having held various roles in legal firms, her professional background includes that of management, administration and IP law Paralegal. Her passion for helping people to realise their full potentional reflects in her energy, hard work and a can-do attitude.

Prenneven Govender - Netiket
Prenneven Govender

Prenneven is a majority shareholder in NETIKET Training and Development. He is the financial director and has a vested interest in the operations of the company.

Kiki Coppin - Netiket HR Solutions
Kiki Coppin

Kiki has held various positions in human resources over her more than 20-year professional career. Kiki has a solid track record of providing support in busy, demanding roles. She is an expert in the Human Resources field. Kiki is a Registered Tax Practitioner with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals.